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Are you looking for a special map for your trip to the UK and Ireland? Mine might be all that you wished for. is online since the summer of 2021. It is the second one of a Europe series after France, Brexit might have had no effect on this kind of « frontier » to me.

A milder pace for the soul. A sweeter taste for the heart.

One might still cross in there the way of some folks hopefully searching for those.

Michel Sardou, « Les Lacs du Connemara »

I made my way up to the hills of Scotland to reach for the continent’s farest point. For the Frenchman that I am, I knew I needed to do that early before the doors of those hills would be closed on me – I couldn’t imagine it was easier to do that than in the Covid-19 era. It was then 19 years that I hadn’t been to the UK – this was then, a high school trip to Oxford, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, London, Canterbury and the Blackbird Leys suburb of Oxford where we stayed.

My map wasn’t with me when I made my trip to Scotland but I wish it were. I could fly from London to Inverness to catch some other commute to Thurso, the farest point that I envisioned, but the latest ticket was booked and the station was on a strike…

Thurso, the far north-east. No commute to Inverness, no Thurso. I find less Scottish peat on my map (olive green) but I bet I would have found it. Does Thurso looks like this? The Adventures of Tintin, « The Black Isle ».

So I took the night bus to Glasgow from London. Not so much people, so I managed to do my sleep more or less easily, waking to watch the shore of the unknown North Sea behing my window’s curtain at dawn.

I was met in Glasgow with heavy showers for the season… And I didn’t found a good information go further north as I wished. The prices were high and the towns far… and I couldn’t imagine where they were. So I ended up not so far away from Glasgow in the village of Luss.

Warming up to a hot chocolate. The Coach House Coffee shop of Luss on the shore of Loch Lomond, is on my map (center).

Even though my feet were soaked I tried and climb the Beinh Dubh mount westwards of Luss to search for what I was looking for of Scotland. I walked in the middle of a herd and managed to climb the hill several hundreds of meters but the too much adventurous trip to an unknown place and ache at the feet made me shorten the trip. I liked, though, the escaping wish that I had in mind.

lI might have been looking for the petty hills of Scotland. There is obviously one in the background… Creaghan Hill. And it’s on the « Old Peat Road ».

And this is not all I’ve got for you. Across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, the whole land characterization units are there, I’ve summed up the most beautiful buildings (a dozen of thousands of them), battle sites, preserved areas… In case you need something to eat while you wander, I put all this stuff on my map; if you fancy a cup of coffee or tea, I can tell you where you can have them; running out of gas? I got them, repertoried; same for toilets, pharmacies… night clubs… roller coasters… The most important bike lanes, and ski resorts, they are there too, so just jump in, and use it on your next vacation!

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