Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan’s Trip to Italy, on the map

  • 18 août 2022

The actors have a new Observer article to write, this time in Italy. No more frozen Northern England landscapes (article here), they’ll now have plent of sun. We’ll follow them through the way. Coogan receives the call in a foggy London, easily got convinced and so both are fired up and ready to go.

I first came across this film, looking for a road trip film to Italy. I have to say there wasn’t much to find. This, and The Sucker (Le Corniaud).

We then see them in the vineyards of Piemonte. « Nothing compares to Piemonte as a combination of beautiful landscapes, beautiful food, beautiful wine ». They’re driving a Mini, of course, but a left drive this time. The first stop is the Trattoria della Posta in Monforte d’Alba.

Renting an English car in Italy is the occasion to recall the famous scene from The Italian Job: « You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!! »

Next step would be the town of Genoa, the big portual city of northern Italy, where the famous English poet George Gordon (Lord) Byron happens to have once lived. A picture of the place would be done, of course.

The coast then unveils before their eyes towards the eastern part of the « Metropolitan city » of Genoa that streches along the Thyrenian Sea. On the eastern part, it’s called « Riviera di Levante » (morning sun’s coastline) for more than 100 km:

Upon arrival at the Cenobio dei Dogi hotel in Camogli which they chose to be staying overnight:

On the Camogli port, leaving on to San Fruttuoso di Camogli by boat, they’ll be eating at La Cantina:

We find some beautiful views out of the iconic Cinque Terre coast, by boat:

Next step would be Lerici where Shelley, another British poet lived.

Thery’re back in San Fruttuoso, having a drink at Da Giovanni‘s next to an old abbey; sleeping overnight in an unknown place.

They’re leaving by car, now: some iconic places again out of the Cinque Terre.

Next in Viareggio to pay tribute where Shelley got buried in an antique fashion, on the beachside, with Lord Byron attending; it’s no longer in Liguria, it’s in Tuscany:

Leaving the coastline for a while, on to the Trattoria Albana atop a hill of Tuscany: it’s in Volterra.

La Suvera hotel in Pievescola near Siena is the place where they then would be staying. They then will be leaving by the outskirts of Siena:

Then they’re arriving in Rome with its heavy traffic, using the Circonvallazione (inner city ring road)

Hotel Locarno is where they’ll be staying:

When in Rome: in the English and non-catholic cemetery (Cimitero inglese/acattolico) to find Shelley’s tomb and wandering in the streets then.